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Sam Bailey
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Hi Jen,

I'm really sorry that you had such a heartache-experience with your brother. That you didn't snap at him is a credit to you. Good for you, kid.

Clearly your brother is in terrible pain, otherwise he wouldn't numb himself so thoroughly. Sorry, I guess that's sort of obvious, to us anyway. To the extent I can understand another person, I get it. When I was in the depths of my own sad addiction, I was also in the depths of denial....about how awful my life was. To NOT be in denial was too hard for me, I guess.

Anyway. I hope your dear brother breaks free from his heartpain. It IS still possible, you know. I mean, I know you know this. Still, to see a person you love so dearly hurt that bad, well that's just hard.

You mentioned modeling good behavior. What you're showing your 3 boys will be in their hearts forever, long after we are all gone. What you're giving them today is an incomparable blessing to them...and, as I said earlier, a real credit to you.


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