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Hi all, Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Every year I am happy to celebrate another year, no matter what the calendar says-glad to be another year older. In reference to Tryn's letter, the one thing that I have appreciated most in my lifetime is the discovery of fire. It was miserable trying to prepare meals before that-not to mention keeping warm!

Had a very nice day-JenM and boys came over with birthday cake and ice cream. My son was here also so was great to have everyone together, sober and enjoying the day.
Went out to my mom's later and shared a hot fudge sundae with her. She is 93, doesn't drive and it is hard on her to get over to my house, up the steps, etc. Was nice to be with my mom on my birthday too!

Schools around here are on spring break which means this teacher has the week off too! Always have great plans to get many chores done during the down time-today was just a day to sleep in, ha ha. Wonder how much work will get done this week?!

Sun is shining, blue skies surround and the temperatures are in the 60's. Wow, so nice!
So many things to be grateful for-any problems? sure there are, but the focus is on the good things going on too. Living life on its terms, taking care of what I can just for today. Sure makes it easier than trying to project and worry about what I have no control over anyways.

Thanks again for your greetings! Hope all are having a good day, and remembering to choose good!

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