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Hi R Lee!

I am praying for you. I have been divorced for 14 years. I have had a couple of long term relationships since that time but nothing worked out. I have not dated in at least a couple of years, my focus is on sobriety, my boys, and my faith in Christ. If the Lord puts someone in my life - great. If not, I know that I will be ok.

Changes in our lives sometimes just suck. You sound like you have a good, strong plan to make it through, 24 hours at a time. You have been here SO MUCH for us, it is completely ok to fall apart to us if you need to. We are all human, and as I have proven in the past year, drinking solves absolutely nothing.

We love you - I think you know that. Spring is around the corner, so that helps my mood a little too. I will continue to pray for you!! Love, Jenm
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