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Sam Bailey
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Hey Secret Tiger!

The crazy thing about it is, well, R Lee is right.

I mean, it sure seemed crazy to me. Back in the days when I was using lots of dope.

Like so many of us, I would get this terrible craving, this pounding urge, call it whatever, but it would be harsh! and I would feel literally compelled to use dope---as much as I could get. So often I felt out of control, as if I had no power of thought or action.

So? So during that dark time I always found a way to fed that monster. Meaning, I always used.


Toward the end, once I woke up, when I finally started to fight back, I discovered that astounding thing. It didn't always work perfectly, yet it DID work.

That thing was...When I could distract myself from THINKING about the dope, when I would allow some chunk of time to pass, I would, after a while, look up to find that, good Lord!, I was no longer jonsing.

Now, to be honest, this wasn't true when I was in actual withdrawals. The physical part nearly beat me to death. It did, indeed.

Yet, longwinded point---getting "past it" can work. YOU can get past this, I believe...based on all that I've read from your posts. You're a strong and decent person. Thoughtful, too. You know yourself, ST---to some extent anyway. I think this is true.


Go run, heart pounding, sweat slinging hard. Go on a damn long hike. Leave your home now and walk the sidewalks of your city. You know what to do, right? So go do it.

Simple, right? Just not easy. I know. Sorry, ST.

Best you can, man, fight back. Just run faster that that effing demon. No, not easy, but doable.

best to you Secret Tiger!

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