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Hello Tryn, How nice to share a cuppa with you this morning. What shall we have with it? I have heard of "tea and crumpets?" but would really have to look that up. I will settle this morning for a nice warm piece of buttered toast-especially since that is all I have in my cupboard at the moment!

When I say it is "freezing" cold here, I mean it, literally. Wind chills in the teens below zero. Wind chill advisories, slippery roads covered with a bit of snow and ice. But I am sitting in my comfy chair with a warming blanket covering my lap-just listening to all the warnings on the telly. This is my "quiet" time. I am off to work in a couple of hours but I like to take time in the morning to just sit, and what I call "think about the day ahead".

Talk about being lucky, I have a warm house, plenty of blankets, and food in my cupboards. I know there are many who cannot even say that much. I worry about the homeless who are out in this coldness. I am counting my blessings today. There are many, many if we just look.

Great way for me to start my day with a cuppa with you. Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is still on for anyone else who has time to stop by and just pause a few moments with us.

Have the bestest day you can have today!

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