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Sam Bailey
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Hey Alexis!

FYI: We saw "Revenant" earlier today and it was.....good. Really good. But not, sorry to say, great. Oh, there were several great moments, many in fact. The photography was, as has been widely reported, spectacular. Both my son and I nearly froze to death just WATCHING the snow storms, et al. And the scenery itself? Well, just damned.....spectacular.

As you probably know, "Revenant" is based on a true life story. Based, not all fact. Well, if this guy Leo portrayed, Hugh Glass, actually went through a smidgen of what we saw on screen, then he may have been the toughest s.o.b. who ever lived!

Man, it was brutal, both the nature and the human. When Glass/Leo was attacked by that Mama Grizzly, I nearly shrieked. Ha! Seriously brutal! But so well done, even if CGI can be a curse at times.

Speaking of your friend Leo, HE was also spectacular. Not a lot of dialog, but LOTS of physicality---and he really pulled it off. Totally believable. Tom Hardy, the costar, and one of the great actors in the world!, was also terrific, though his character was more of a one-note dealio. Nothing against Hardy. His role was just that much smaller.

Anyway. I enjoyed the film. As did my son, Noah. It just fell short of our too high (I guess) expectations.

Sleep well.

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