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Good morning dear Nan. Bright blessings to you.

Cwoffeee! Do you know i have never had a cup of cwoffeee in my life? I'm not sure why as the smell of freshly ground coffee is rather lovely. I'm a tea fellow being an Englishman from dear ole Blighty. A cup of tea and a natter quite the most useful pastime for breaking up the day.

Here in windy and wet dear ole Blighty, this quiet and gentle Sunday morning i am looking forward to doing some writing about the dogs. I am trying to keep my mind off wednesday when i am having a tooth or two pulled! I contacted a charity as i must have someone with me. Not only have they found a volunteer for me, yet she is also a nurse! Fancy that? And dear Nan, as it is nearly a new year i shall try to be somewhat more courageous than i have been this year!

Anyway, how lucky are we all to be at the start line of another year? A whole new set of opportunity's, challenges, joys and another chance to enjoy the journey of our lives.

The excitement of wondering what treasures the future year holds, what we shall learn, what we shall find out about the marvel that is us. Another year older yet we are all still children in the eyes of our Mother earth however old we feel.

In our tenderness for each other we can watch each other grow, become stronger and more confident, be on hand for when we have our ups and downs, the storms that effect us all in our lives will always have ships shadowing them to the safety of clear and friendly weather.

So from this lucky and fortunate Englishman, and i'm sure from dear Alexis, i wish all my amazing brothers and sisters from across the pond a relaxing day and all the love this man can muster for you, and how grateful i am to have you in my life as the new year dawns.

I love you all.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dear Nan, Loveness to all.
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