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Hey JD!

Whenever I want to argue with someone at work, I will just be overly nice to them and then quietly say things in my head (that I think are really funny) to get through it. I like pretty much everyone I work with, but there are 2 people whose arrogance and holier than thou attitude makes me nuts. Usually I try to avoid them but sometimes I can't. Or just play the weather channel music in your head, that helps too.

I think that 45 day thing is the "hard suspension" that we have where you cannot drive at all - no blow thing or anything, just no driving right? I may have 30 days of that as well. At the moment I have an appeal in with the DOT so I can drive until the hearing/DOT judge's ruling. Everyone knows what I'm going through though, if I haven't told them then they have surely seen the lovely ankle bracelet I'm wearing. I did get the first 2 week report and........(drum roll) there were no alcohol events and no tampering events. Which I could have told them, but, hey Judge, here's proof.

Try not to worry about not driving in the future. You can get through this, and so can I. And the great news is that we can do it sober. I hope your day is good! Jenm
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