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I read the very same thing about Brixton, Tryn. Isn't it a crying shame? I've noticed that around here, too. I live quite near an area called Muswell Hill (you probably know it) and it's always been rather exclusive and pricey, but in recent times almost all of the quirky or independent shops and restaurants have been replaced by (high end) chains. I very rarely go there any more, as there is simply nothing to do apart from get your hair cut or buy overpriced coffee! The main problem I've noticed with London lately is the public drinking, though. Many of the hard working labourers and decorators can't afford to go to the pub (despite our generous chancellor knocking a PENNY off beer - how many pints to save a tenner? Hmm!), and they live in horrible bedsits because it's all they can afford, so after a hard day's work they congregate on public greens and in parks drinking cheap beer. It is heartbreaking to see.

The differences I'm noticing in sobriety. Gosh, let me count the ways! Well, without sounding immodest I look absolutely radiant. I am also feeling a lot more positive and am a lot less likely to have a panic attack over silly things like a pile of washing. The nasty frown line on my forehead has softened. My wine blubber is starting to slowly subside. I'm more motivated to actually get dressed. I've been walking again. I've been polishing my bathroom tap!

I keep remembering how wonderful I felt when I did ten months of sobriety a couple of years back, and then I keep remembering how utterly awful the last few months have been, how utterly despondent I was, how utterly unwell and broken I LOOKED, how unlikely I was to smile unless merry. It seems like another person's life that I'm remembering, but I'm constantly reminding myself that yes, that was me. Hungover every day, miserable until drunk, unmotivated to do anything at all. Having slipped off the wagon so easily and with such confidence on previous occasions, I do NOT want that to happen again!
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