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I spoke too soon, perhaps, when I shared earlier that my complete medical check-up had great results. At first it looked as if everything was great, but additional tests came in today, and I need to have more tests done to see if I may have Lupus. I have no symptoms of Lupus. Someone very close in my family is a medical doctor, and he says he would be surprised if I do have it since I have no symptoms. Maybe he's just trying to keep me from worry. Anyway, when I got the news I need further testing, the first thing I thought of was to go to the wine store and get a bottle of my favorite pinot noir to ease my worry. That would have been my first choice to negate stress for twenty or so years. I didn't go to the wine store, and I didn't buy the wine. I don't want that in my life anymore. It's no answer. Right now, I need to concentrate on not allowing my imagination to run away with me, to realize that my initial testings may not be indicative of a serious health issue. My other labs and check-up indicate I am very healthy. I have to call a specialist in the morning to make a follow-up appointment to see if this is nothing or if it's something. Until then, I won't mask my worry with alcohol. I feel past that, and I am thankful for that.

I did want to respond to Tryn. Please don't be angry with me for saying this, Tryn, but I have wondered why you speak of yourself in the third person. This may indicate you are hiding from something personal and too painful to address. I have been a counselor in my career. I am not trying to diagnose on a web site, but I do see this as a possible indicator of something under the surface. Please think of this. It may be just your British way, or it may be something different. In the meantime, please internalize that you are a special and an amazing human being... one who is blessed with qualities most people can only dream of having. I send my love... as you might say, my loveness...
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