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Sam Bailey
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Hi Alexis!

Yes, that is good news. Involving yourself in the business of things other than the chaos inside your head is one of the key elements of healing. In doing this, you are being of service to the world, albeit, sure, one small corner of it, but in service nonetheless. Other words, you are doing some real-life, actual good for the world, such is the good news of most volunteer work.

So glad to hear this. So glad that you didn't drink last night. And the time? It passed, right? Had you used/drank, the same amount of time would have passed, but your present, your NOW, would NOT be the same. It would be less than. Lousy, in other words.

Oh man, the TIME I lost while in active addiction, just so many years.

Like a person stuck in quicksand, I was stuck in time. As long as I used/drank, I made no progress in my life. I did not move forward, ever. After a bout of using, the dope would always be gone, no matter how much I had had. And me? I just kept getting older.

All those years, such a waste.

"Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, it might have been." I wrote about this John Greenleaf Whittier poem in a previous post a while back. It's called, "Maud Muller," FYI.

It is, I believe, a (potential) epitaph for every alcoholic/addict. We will never be the best person we can be until we break free from the booze/dope demons that paralyze us.

Time will pass for you, Alexis. No matter what. Hang on and those damn urges and cravings will pass too.


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