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Sam Bailey
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Hi Alexis,

Kid? You are NOT a loser...nor are you weak...nor are you pathetic. What you are, clearly what you are is an alcoholic.


To KNOW this, Alexis, should give you some comfort. It should comfort you because you can RECOVER from alcoholism. Seriously, it's a damn disease! Call it a condition, a problem, an "issue," call it what you will, the disease of alcoholism is NOT one that will kill you---IF you don't let it---and Alexis, you do not have to let it take anything more from you.

Yet. You cannot be simply a sideline observer in your own recovery. There is no magic. You need, as all alcoholics/addicts need, to make good choices, and it's with these choices that your recovery will really begin.

What to do? First, stop allowing people to get inside your head. Your roommate, for example. Listen to yourself; listen to you and the truth you KNOW is real. Otherwise, sheesh, it is just so damn easy to fool ourselves into thinking all kinds of bull-malarkey, such as, ah, we can drink, if it's just a little. If it's, like, Tuesday. The list is endless.

Two: reach out for help. Fighting this nightmare is nearly impossible by ourselves. Great that you're doing some of that reaching-out here! However, I believe SO strongly that every one of "us" needs face-to-face help. Handshakes to hugs.

Please join an in-person support group. There are lots of 'em, not all 12-Step based. Some are. For me, AA/NA was the Support Group I needed. But really, we DO need to be accountable to folks who truly understand what we're going through.

Also, speak to and confide in your doctor. There are medicines that can help you. Also...a one-on-one therapist can be an incredibly positive experience.

But foremost among any of these is this: love yourself. STOP calling yourself such negative names. To err is to be human. Kid? You are human, hate to tell you. Ha!

So you drank. So effin' what? Don't drink today. Simple. Right? Yeah it is simple. Just not easy. We know this, those of us who have been on your same path.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, be proud, and thankful, that you can still heal---and then begin to heal. Move forward. One step, one day at a time.

Best to you, Alexis!

sam b
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