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Good afternoon Hysteria. Bright blessings to you.

Cracking idea to "sit that one out". For us that cant stop drinking when we start it makes simple sense to avoid those situations. It is sometimes not possible, and if and when those cirumstances arise i make a point of saying, "no thank you, i do not drink. A nice glass of.....would be nice, thank you". My experience is that almost all i have said that to, respect that completely without any question. As a drinking alcoholic i assumed everyone drank, like a smoker, it is not unusual for people to chose sobriety, it is just challenging for us.

Not going along i feel could represent a big step for you. I can remember turning down my first drink, i felt like bursting into song!!!!!

Keep focused, as Millie said, you can do this! Loveness to you Hysteria.
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