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Good afternoon Diane. Bright blessings to you.

A March winter wonderland.....oh my in Blighty it is a glorious spring day. I hope i can send you the "spring" in the jumping lambs, and encourage you that yes, some days are more difficult than others, some different, but days are all the same.

R Lee and Saint have always encouraged me to live life on lifes terms. Of course i had no idea what the dear fellows were talking about. I do now.

Make me wrong, but i think it means, alot of the time things just dont happen the way they are A) supposed to happen, B) the way you want them to, and C) when you re-organise, that goes wrong as well. Brings a whle new meaning to "closing time"....does it not!?

The embelishment that sobriety allows, the sensory experience of those that would otherwise feel and be inept and bereft, (never worth forgetting), the assumption that use provided gateways into ourselves......a nonsense. I get that....but a nonsense.

"i can write better, i can play better, i can speak better, i got a better chance in life if i........", nope, like it or not, the best chance we have, and the wonders of this wonderful world lay simply in our birthday suits, little us.

I once thought "alcohol would take me home", ....sobriety is teaching me i "am at home".

The trees bent in the spring wind here in Blighty. The birds were asking me to keep the noise down, the sun is now high enough to shepherd me through a chilly morning, as i walk by scurrying around me as the animals in spring..."hmmm...hmmm", go about their business in confidence, my feet plodding on 1 after the other, smiles surrounding, if i had taken 1....just 1 drink....i would not have seen ANY of that.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you Diane
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