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Thanks Tryn and Susie! I will not hear for another week or so if I even get a 2nd interview. I will keep you posted!

Tryn I have 3 indoor cats, the older two are brothers and their personalities are completely opposite. One is scared of everything and everyone and the other is very snuggly and is a lap cat. Then there is the baby who isn't even 1 yet and I think that he thinks he is a dog. All 3 act like they hate each other and then I'll go downstairs and they are all sleeping together on the bed.

I know what you mean, Susie. We do not do this because it makes us rich! I don't really care about money or things, though. It would be nice to have the bills caught up, but that will happen. The Lord has provided somehow for me as a single mom for several years, we are all ok! Love, Jenm
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