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Hahahahaha!!!! I love it, Tryn! Sign me up. Especially sorting socks. How does my washer/dryer magically lose one sock to a pair every single time I do laundry? Where do all of these lost socks go? Are my sons eating them? The cats?

I wish I could show you a picture of the laundry piles on the couch. Pick through it boys, it's clean. Right now I have to go teach a fitness class and then head to bible study.

I had a good job interview today at a prison. It is for a teaching position through the college. Please pray for this possible opportunity for me.

This is funny to me - the company that insurance sent to clean up the water/mess has been WONDERFUL. So helpful and kind. These two guys have been over everyday since this happened checking on the giant dehumidifier and the giant 3 fans that are running 24/7. 2 out of my 3 cats have been in hiding for 2 days because they are scared of the noise - EXCEPT when they hear a can of food opening, in which case they run toward the kitchen from wherever they are hiding. Jenm
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