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Good evening Jenm. Bright blessings to you.

It is so lovely as a fellow from Blighty listening and reading how you all share your love. Where you all come from, well frankly i dream of the places you all come from.

Jenm, 1 thing i would like to run past you......"God did not begin a good work in you not to complete it?".......Dear Jenm, you are not a work in progress, God has done his business. I expect that God wishes kindness and love to be the order of the day, to reach out to others to help them on their way, to have a heart that stands up for values and principles, and a soul that knows how difficult that is.

For me you are someone God would be extremely proud of, i know i am.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be Jenm. Loveness to you Jenm.
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