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Good afternoon Lost Dog. Bright blessings to you.

I find myself often relating to your anxiety, and the timidity that can be a part of us. Confidence, self esteem, appreciating who and what we are for ourselves, can be a difficult process indeed.

From time to time the support given on the journey needs to ground itself on its foundations. Lost Dog, on my journey i have seen your insight, i have felt your wisdom, learnt from your words and compassion and felt strength from you at times i was feeling desperately weak myself.

Thus, who you are, and what you think you are, are at times a tad different. A lack of self esteem and confidence chips away at our very foundations. Essentially we are chipping away at ourselves. However, i believe you can use the very same skills to build.

You have a great deal to build on.

Be peaceful and kind to yourself. Loveness to you Lost Dog.
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