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After I got through the first four days, (Congrats, cause those are intense!) I remember having what I call "The calm before the storm." For the next week, things went pretty normal, a craving here a craving there, some mood swings, but nothing major. Then after a week, the PAWS begins to settle in. (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) I will post a link at the end of this post, you need to read it and educate yourself.
The PAWS involves intense mood swings, irritability, and short term memory loss, as well as some other symptoms. People don't realize that they are going through a temporary stage of recovery, so most decide to go back to drinking. Just remember, when your going through those mood swings, irritability, etc, that it is not going to be your reality forever! It is temporary! It will last from 6 months-2 years depending on your previous alcohol consumption, and will decrease in intensity over time. I am 5 months sober now, and rarely ever have episodes anymore.
By educating yourself on these things before they happen, you will feel much more in control when they hit. Blessings!

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