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Those urges will come and they will come seemingly out of the blue. They are normal and the frequency and strength of those urges will diminish over time. It is important I think for you to share what is happening as you are doing. A support system, someone you can talk to can be crucial at times like these. The important thing is you did not drink!!! That one drink, one glass of wine at dinner, the cold beer during the summer it can all look so attractive because it has become ingrained in our minds as such. That is where thinking through that drink becomes critical, for me anyways. I would at times drink straight from a 2 liter bottle of tequila. My mind didn't have a problem with it but I think of what I must have looked like if someone was watching me.... well I looked like an alcoholic!!! : )

Think through that drink Michael and use your supports when you need them.

You're doing great!

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