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Hello Michael, bright blessings to you.

Thank you for such a touching post. I am found on my little journey of sobriety that alcohol seems to be all around me. Like buying a "red car", all of sudden you see them everywhere! The fields i work in often alcohol is the prescurser to whatever problems they are encountering and on Friday mornings i work in the city at a homeless hostel. I start at 11am to run a drop in, and each week i have to walk through maybe 10-15 men, mostly in their 40's all sitting outside drinking. Whne i leave in the afternoon they are all drunk. They chose not to come and see me, it is their choice. I spent 3 decades not caring about what i was doing to myself. I was so selfish, but i did not know it, of course now i do. It is always heartbreaking seeing a fellow alcoholic still drinking and still suffering. If only they could reach out, there is recovery out there for every single one of us, whoever we are, however long we have been drinking and whatever we have done, recovery, honesty, forgiveness and acceptance is there for all of us, we just need to want it so very much.

93 days sober!!! You are an inspiration Michael.

Loveness to you my friend.
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