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Hi Gmasusie!

I am praying for you! Just keep it simple, I really liked what Frank said. When I was at church on Sunday, something that was said really stuck with me. "When you feel lost, just go back to the basics." That, for me, was very powerful. Sometimes I tend to overthink, overschedule, overthis, overthat, when all I need to do is get out of the way and let Him do His work, and I need to trust that it will all be ok. Way easier said than done!

Back to the basics for me means "Trust God, Don't Drink, Clean House". Is my side of the street clean? Am I holding on to anything that I shouldn't be? Am I being honest with others, and am I being honest with myself? I have been struggling with some things lately, but I know that if I get out of myself, get out of my head, and do something for someone else, I am on the right track. Or simply doing the next right thing that is in front of me to do. For example, since I'm off this morning, I need to fold laundry, get showered, and go on a field trip with my little pre-school son. His first school bus ride, he is beyond excited! I have to keep it simple right now. Otherwise I get all mixed up and that usually leads to nowhere good.

Please let us know how your doctor appointment turns out. Also, when choosing not to drink for one day, do not be afraid to break it up into even smaller segments. Take care! Jenm
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