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Glad to hear you are getting the good care and support you deserve. For me I no longer dread 'looking back' at who I was. I have made peace with it, accepted it, learned from it, and grown as a person. It is, afterall, a large part of who I am today. For me, I don't want to ever forget!! And I'm OK with that.

It is also OK to reach out for support when the winds of change do come. You can't do all things by one's own self. Trust in the capabilities of others. It is unsettling and uncomfortable to live outside one's comfort zone but that is where personal growth comes from. Learn about yourself, but be kind to yourself. Remember, you're not the first to travel this path and unfortunately, will not be the last.

I will also echo Lee's sentiments regarding controlled drinking. It is not for me. One drink was never enough.

Stay safe,
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