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Tryntryagain. I'm not blowing my horn but it was me who asked do you want to die of alcoholism rather than embarrassment. I will say things to alcoholics like that to get their attention. Sometimes the answer is right there but we can't see it for the fog.
To look at what you said in your last post & then go back & read your other post just blows my mind away.
It sounds so good to hear you now. To hear you have surrendered, your no longer are in charge. You have a chance take what is suggested & make the best with that information.
I can't sugar coat things when I work with another alcoholic. I won't enable a alcoholic.
I have seen my best friend die of alcoholism this last year. No one could get through to him. I had to just let him go his way because he did not want to get sober.
I'm so lucky to be sober today. It is a gift but I have to work at it.
You sound so good now & you have the right attitude to enter rehab. Had this chance come before now with your old attitude I don't think you would have had a chance.
Embrace what has been offered to you & be ready to give it back to the alcoholic that will need to hear your story.
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