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Hi Tryn -
I am so happy to hear of the positive path that you are on. The scariest thing about getting sober (for me) was that I actually had to face all the fears that I had. My life was run by and consumed with fear. Someone told me once that fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real". Another thing that you wrote is that you are "getting off your high horse". Once I became the 'passenger', and let someone else 'drive', I no longer had to spend all of my time trying to control everyone, control every outcome, and so on. What a relief, I am not in charge of everything!

Yesterday my son's hamster died, and I found his little body while the boys were at school. I cried. I also took care of everything so that my son didn't have to see it when he got home. Such a small thing, but if I was still drinking, it wouldn't have been a big deal. Nothing or no one was as important as my drinking, even though I would say it wasn't.

Please don't overwhelm yourself, Tryn. Take it a day at a time. Or, sometimes an hour at a time, or 5 minutes at a time. Whatever works! I wish you the very best and we are all here for you! Jenm
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