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Hello everyone. Saint, R Lee and Jenm, you know....thank you.

I know today there is a team meeting about the appointment i had on Monday. Monday coming i have a morning appointment to discuss that outcome. Many that will be involved will know me personally. After 2 hours with the psychiatrist i honestly believe that what was "put on the table as an option for me", would not have been so enthusiastically given, without prior knowledge, and i beleive that todays team meeting will support that option.

It is now 2 days on, and i feel excatly the same. I am committed to trying one last time, not to just deal with my alcoholism, but issues within my soul. I have to say that the last posts from Saint, R Lee and Jenm have only served to prove it to me further. I thank you so much for that. So next Monday is a "big day" for me. I will let you all know the outcome. Between time, i am going away tomorrow to stay with a dear friend and his family.

This dear friend i refer to is actively involved in the implementation of support for addicts, having previously been an active addict. Many years on, and having worked together, we have become strong friends, almost "brother like", and his family care for me very deeply. They have invited me down, knowing my journey, and the assesment, and have asked only of me that i eat, and that whatever i chose to drink will be my choice, and not something that will be judged. They have offered me love and understanding and wish me to experience relaxation and some peace at this time. They live near to the ocean, and they know i love taking their beautiful dog for walks along the beach. They are also a very spiritual family. Having had battles of their own with a disabled child amongst other children. Their troubles and battles in life command my true respect, their ability to "see through the fog", and still offer me love, humbling.

Saint, R Lee, Jenm, and all of you out there that have cared for my journey, becareful what you wish may just get it. I truly hope that i will get this opportunity and for the first time will get sober AND THEN LEARN, what to do with what i wish for when i get it. (I hope that made some sense to some).

I'm holding on, and i am going to fight for sustained me.

Thank you all sooo much x

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all.
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