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Tryntyragain, I was not new at trying to get sober either.
I tried in 1982 to stop drinking because I was fired for an off duty drinking episode. I quit drinking & during that time I got my job back through arbitration.
I planed on never drinking again. I lasted a total of 7 months dry.
In 1984 I was severely injured in a ATV accident. MY 1st wife sent me a get well card. I had not seen her in 13 years. She lived in CA I was in MI. She was in recovery I was a drunk. I called her & asked her to pick me up at LAX. She did. I stayed in CA for 2 weeks swore off drinking forever. I went to AA meetings with her in CA & for another month in MI. Then I quit going to AA because I did not like AA.
I convinced her to move back to MI & she did. I lasted a total of 7 months again before I picked up a drink.
In the meantime we were married & divorced with in two years. We lived together off & on until 1998. She was sober except for 3 months after 23 years sober. I continued to drink.
I had wanted to stop drinking forever for many years but I knew if I stopped I would fail so I did not try.
On Sept.5th 2004 I came home drunk around 5 P.M. I sat in my recliner & was overwhelmed with the desire to go back to AA & try to stop drinking again.
I took the step by myself as my X wife said I had to do this for myself & on my own without her.
I went to that AA meeting after 42 years of drinking. I had a diffrent attitude & found out in addition to my drinking I had a thinking problem. It is one thing to be dry & another thing to be sober.
The most important thing I learned was I was an alcoholic & my life was unmanabable. The 2nd most imporntant thing was that I had a choice to drink or not every day. I no longer have that mountain of never drinking again in front of me. I work my program 1 day at a time. It is a simple program but not an easy one.
I stay very involved in my program by attending several meetings a week, sponcering recovering alcoholics, leading meetings at the county jail once a week & checking in here to suggest my experiance hope & strength.
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