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Hello all, and thank you so much Carly. There is an answer to my situation, you are quite right, it is me. Re SMART, i was in a place when i honestly thought, "this or gone". I didn't, (thank goodness), i wish i could tell you why.

Online is the way this needs to go for me. I need to "do" what i "do", for me. Simples.

It would be smashing if that was the first time i had recognised that. This is this bit that makes me weak. If there is a mountain in your way, i will move it. If there is a cup in my way, i haven't the strength to lift it. Why? Why do i usher through so many over the thresh hold, and remain the ********** doorman? Why don't i follow?


Thank you all.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all.
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