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Dear Tryntryagain,
There must be an answer to your situation, it is worth speaking with someone about your choices. You could choose to seek help privately with your doctor, an addiction's specialist and utilize online peer support. Also, I gave you a link for Medication Assisted Treatment, it can help with cravings. Goal being to safely go through WDs and address your health issues. Before, you mentioned SMART recovery and other options, what changed your mind about these? Was this an issue when you contacted emergency ? You probably are aware but there are inpatient programs all of which are bound by the law of anonymity. Regardless, your health issues must be addressed.
Do you think you being too hard on yourself? You are human after all, and even if you have been the epitome for all things recovery - no one is immune from this disease and people do relapse. IMO - that all you would need to say if you felt compelled to talk about it, there are specific laws that protect anything related to mental health and substance misuse.
Obviously, we don't know your circumstances, I feel bad that you are attempting to deal with this alone, at least you know you have cyber support until you can figure out what to do.
Please seek help asap if you need to. Take care and keep us posted, Carly
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