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Dear Tryntryagain,
How are you ? I am sorry I did not post sooner, I know this is a tough time, Lee, as always thanks for being here and sharing, while I understand it helps you, it still means a lot that you are here to give back.
Tryntryagain, is there a specific reason you are doing this on your own? Yes, when we are in a controlled environment it is quite different however I know many people who have found meaningful recovery via meetings or counseling or a combo of supports, it requires willingness and an open-mind. I used to psyche myself out of support until I got to the first few meetings, then things got better, a lot better. I need to make a correction, describing those in the helping profession, I used the word "infallible" instead I meant we are NOT infallible, not immune from this disease. Remember this disease does not discriminate and it is so sneaky, it will talk to you and you are right by holding on, 30 mins. an hour whatever it takes. Is there something you can do that will not put you at risk when the cravings hit, the feelings overpower you? Take a walk, call a friend, post here, VENT ! Or go sit a meeting, at least you will be safe and odds are you'll feel better.
You mentioned SMART recovery so I posted a link to their main website, includes, meetings online and where to find a meeting, US, Australia, Canada and UK if that should apply. Also doing a search online, see what is near you. And there is also medication assisted treatment, like Vivitrol or Campral that can be helpful with cravings. How are you doing with cravings?
How do you feel physically? This is a process, you mentioned feelings of anger, I remember raging, a blind fury because I wanted what I wanted and I wanted NOW! This is a lifelong journey, I started at a young age, so I had to learn how to cope with life without my Substances of choice.
Please hang in there, if you are concerned you need something more, maybe where you are accountable, an outpatient program,face to face counseling..... are you willing, is it possible for you to do this?
I hope you will believe that the journey is worth it, find what works for you, and I hope you are feeling better. Keep us posted, take care, carly

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