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Dear Tryntryagain,
I am so relieved you called for help and just in time it sounds like! I know I sound like a broken record but Alcohol withdrawals can be very dangerous and for some even fatal.
Could the sadness comes from a sense of loss, grief as you may miss your "friend" : Alcohol. It happens, the good news is that it does get better with time and effort. Think of the stages of grief, sometimes they can be applied to this, in any order... denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Right now, though I think the goal is to get you Safely through the withdrawal phase.
When you say the field, Do you mean in the helping profession? If so you know academically what to do. It is the application that can trip us up. With the feelings remember, alcohol numbs our emotions so you may be bombarded with waves of emotions, this is GOOD, we are meant to feel all the feelings, the good, bad ,mad and sad, this is where support comes in, to help you acclimate to world of emotions again. And you did great by coming here and sharing about it, we've been there too ! imo shame and guilt are the worst part, try not get overwhelmed by those two. Remember, you are human, humans are infallible, alcoholism is a disease, cunning and powerful, working in the field does not make you immune to the disease, the saying: we are not bad people getting good, rather sick people getting better.
The links that I gave you have a link about SMART recovery, try an online search for your area. If you need face to face or other help during the process, seek professional help for an assessment/referrals.
I hope the medication is working and I am guessing they gave a number to call, use it. I can imagine how awful and scary it must have felt, you did the wise thing by calling for help.
Take it easy, focus on getting better physically, take care and keep us posted, Carly
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