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Default Welcome tryntryagain,

Dear Tryntryagain,
Welcome to the forum, as members have posted already, there is great feedback and support here. I included some links, you may already know some of this info but imo it cannot hurt to re-educate yourself and read the other threads.
Maybe there is a support you would consider or even medication assisted treatment to help you with cravings. You mentioned hitting a lower low, it happens, as this is such a progressive disease. Have you thought about what you might do differently this time? Think about what are your barriers, your triggers, doing something differently in order to break the cycle of insanity that we face....
(i.e. Insanity: doing the same over and over and expecting different results)
Do you have a support system? Doing this alone can be tough imo.
Especially when you have managed to maintain your alcohol misuse under wraps. Do you isolate because you need to protect your alcohol misuse? Sometimes having someone to be accountable to can help, be it a friend, a counselor, or other support. Also, imo, it helps to have others believe in you when you face moments of doubt.
If you are detoxing by yourself, please be careful, read the link about alcohol withdrawals, it is advised to detox under medical supervision, for your safety as well as comfort and overall opportunity to see the process through.
**Go to the ER if you need to, your safety during the process is VITAL.
Keep posting, venting, consider support options, most of all stay safe while you go through withdrawals.
So glad you shared and keep us posted, again welcome, glad you are here!
Take care, Carly

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Types of Supports/Help
Treatment Options/including :medication assisted treatment :
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