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The back and forth of these posts have made good reading. A good thread. Should be helpful to others who come across it looking for inspiration and advice. Thanks for initiating this thread. I believe you see where people are coming from regarding the recovery community, networking, counseling and similar areas. And I also support you in your own efforts to remain sober. Your recovery is your life and you know better than anyone what you are comfortable with. Only you can make these choices. When you drink you bail on that process. But it does not change the fact it is your intimate relationship.

When I hear someone mention the "void" that is attributed to alcohol abuse, I feel I need to point out the "void" is not about emptiness. The fact it is identified as present actually should say it is more of a fullness. It is full of you, the one identifying it. It appears empty because it is dark. There is a need to shed light in that area, so to speak, these are parts of us that are dying to be expressed and eventually resolved. It is in a recovery community (AA, RR, counseling, what have you.) that supports us in this very intimate and sometimes painful ongoing process. Still, you certainly undertake this process, shedding light in the shadows, as is apparent in your engaging this board.
Here you are part of a community.

Glad to have you with us.
All the best
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