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Hi, my name is Dopeless Hope Fiend and I am a grateful recovering addict! Sound like a meeting greeting? It is...I've been temporarily disconnected from my regular meeting attendance. I'm not willing to forgo my recovery entirely...this forum is a nice supplement to working the steps and going to meetings. I learned about Addiction Survivors when I went for a meeting...and found out it had been cancelled-forever. OUCH!

Anyway, long story short, ...I'm coming up on 7 years clean! I can't believe it! Life today allows me to clearly see the paradox of my recovery. I got the hell away from the evil grip of my addiction (crystal meth) yet I still need to remember where I've been, so as not to go back there. "Playing my tape" is part of my clean life. Sometimes, I'm full of...sayings. If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got. I got clean listening to great wisdom from people with a little clean time and a lot of clean time.

Sharing experience, strength and hope is valuable stuff. I'm here to share what I can and learn from others, too. Like they say, "I can't, but we can." I plan on being around if anyone wants to discuss anything. I really look forward to hearing from others who can relate to me.

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