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I did start calling around to pharmacies and so far they are more expensive than the $210.00 that my dr is charging me for the 30 8mg subs. I don't know what i am going to do, unless I stay on the 8mg per day, I can not afford to pay 210.00 twice a month plus the 55.00 urine screen 2x a month, plus the 55 office visit 2x a month. I did sign up for the discount card, but didn't know I would need to print it out right then, and I have no printer, so I hope that I can print this out at a later date by entering my information again. Also, I called and asked what the price would be at a pharmacy that uses this and she said without the prescription in hand that they would not be able to tell me, so I would have to literally go driving around from pharmacy to pharmacy with my prescription and the drug card in hand in order to get it filled. That is so crazy to me, but hopefully it will be worth it. I would just hate to leave the office with the prescription in hopes of finding something cheaper only to find out that I could of gotten it cheaper at my dr office 1 1/2 hrs away. I tried to call there today to check on the status of my insurance prior-auth and if that didn't go through the form for needy meds, only to recieve no return call, so I will have to call again tomorrow because I will need to go there this weekend to refill my prescription and talk to my dr. I also thought the subutex was cheaper, but as I looked at prices online, I did not see where it was cheaper than the suboxone.
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