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Default Need to go on antidepressants---can I, with Sub?

My husband of 25+ years told me yesterday that after our youngest daughter gets married in Aug., he is leaving me. He suffers from severe PTSD (Vietnam), but thinks any kind of counselling or therapy is only for stupid people. I have slaved for this man since I married him, raised children, did ALL the housework, made his favorite meals, had his coffee ready when he woke up from his nap (he's been retired for over 10 years and sleeps a lot~~sign of deep depression)----yes, the word "doormat" should be plastered on my forehead. I abused painkillers for many years, obviously b/c I myself was unhappy and desperate and held my emotions in for fear of his terrible temper. He has done everything in his power to separate me from my children by my first husband, calling them names, etc. in front of me. Our daughter that we had together sides with him b/c her temperament is somewhat like his (I feel sorry for her fiance!). Anyway, I shook myself off of the drugs by going on Suboxone last July and have never cheated or even thought of taking an opiate. I got no support from my husband, who, instead of trying to keep things calmer for me, has made himself into someone I almost don't know anymore. Since the "announcement" yesterday, I know I'm going to need to see a doctor and get counselling, but I am also suffering terrible stomach/anxiety pain. Can I use an antidepressant while on Sub? I'm going to need it b/c I tend to come completely apart at the seams. I've been a housewife since I had my first child in 1977 (my first marriage, also to a master manipulator)---that's a long time to go without "working". How can I look for a job while on Suboxone? Will anyone hire me? How can I look for a job when I'm curled on the bed with terrible stomach pain from anxiety? This is where the antidepressants could come in. PLEASE, please someone advise me soon. It's like a living nightmare right now but my faith in the Lord is strong. Love to all of you, Joan
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