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Sam Bailey
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Hey Soapdish!

I just wanted to check in with you, say "hey." While we don't "speak" often, I keep track of your life via every post you write. You are, clearly, a bright and lovely person---and you express yourself wonderfully, even when your "self expression" is damned painful.

Fwiw, you appear, you truly do, to be handling your life with strength and courage. No, I didn't say you're handling it without an aching heart. A great ache is, I fear, a part of who we all are. However. You seem to be making some (most!) good decisions. Positive choices.

As heartrending as your situation is, and we all know the heartpain you must feel, your decision NOT to contact your ex is the right one. Yes, I know, so damn easy for me to say---so the, uh, opposite of easy!! it is to do. Or not do.

And even if you were to, again, contact this man, you would not be able to end his own pain and suffering. But then, you know this. Doesn't make your choice easier, of course. And I'm sorry that you have this conflict in your life.


You seem to be a good and decent woman. In fact, I'll bet a buck that you are...good, decent and kind.

So, there!


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