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Hi dears,

LD your quick thoughts certainly help me a lot. You and Alexis give such pertinent advice and cheer me up. I think you are amazing people. .

There are millions of lists lying around the house. There are piles and piles of paper everywhere but I'm trying to use a diary and whiteboard. I tried using my phone but it wrecks my eyes and if I use my phone for everything it means I'm constantly looking at my phone. I'm trying to be more organised and less of a scatterbrain then I can relax more and empty my head of clutter.

The only advantage to being a messy person is that I've developed an incredible visual memory! If you asked me where's the tape measure? I would reply that it's stuffed between the sofa cushions of all places! Oops.

Sorry for the rambling. Yes I just feel overwhelmed so day by day is great advice and the right way for me to live at the moment.

Nighty night
Lots of love

PS. finally finished the damn carrot soup. Just had a plate of crunchy nuts for dinner!
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