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Good evening, nope, i will not call you that. Bright blessings to you.

I am from dear ole Blighty. I can not believe your screen name.

How did you find this family? By being a bad parent? You are fantastic from the ground up.

Come on ....seriously.

I have a few kids, i am an alcoholic, thankfully a sober and graciously wondrous one!

Gosh...dear, i am not going to call you "Sad" i don't even want to finish's not on.

So, issues go on. Kids going off left right and centre. Drugs...n...alcohol. What do you do?

You stop being a "sad" Mother. You are a brilliant Mother....****s are here.

I am so with Sam. Please find a meeting for you.

If not tonight tomorrow eh?

Hands to you from across the pond.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to what your name is. I know you in my heart.
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