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Sestra, thank you!! It's so hard to let go, isn't? It's crazy how fast drugs and alcohol can change someone so much. Is she your only sibling? I have a younger sister that's 2 years younger (37) who has started drinking to deal with her guilt over not being there for our older sister when she was alive. I come from a family of alcoholics. I don't drink and have no desire to. Pain pills is how I numbed my pain but I've been off them for about 8 years.

You are stronger than I ever was and I went through 10 years of therapy. I was never able to detach from my family the way you did. I enabled my sister and let her take advantage of me because she knew She was my weakness and that I would never let her kids go without. Like you, I have an amazing, supportive husband who is the only stable and healthy relationship I've ever had. Has your sister ever made any attempts to get better? That's great that you had a good visit with your dad! Me too. He just left 2 days ago. I was telling my therapist how good it feels to have taken my power back from him. I use to fear him and it made physically sick to be around him. Then it clicked... I'm an adult and he can't hurt me anymore! So aside from the fact that he drank non stop, we had a good visit. How close are your dad and and sister? Are you older than her? How long has it been since you've spoken to her?

It's been almost 3 years since my sister passed.. It took me by surprise at how much of my identity was wrapped up in her. I dream about her a lot. I knew she was going to die before I even found out she was sick. No one would believe me. They said I was being dramatic.
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