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I could have written your post. My life is so much likes yours that it's scary. My sister is 2 years older than me. Like you, we were super close because she filled the role of mother and sister for me. I would not have survived my childhood without her. She protected me, took beatings for me etc. I've never lived more than 10 min from her. We were pregnant at the same time and gave birth a month apart. At age 30 she started to drink as a way to cope with a break up and she never stopped. We started to grow apart because of it. She used her kids to manipulate me to get money from me. I tried everything I could to get her help. She died October 6, 2011 from liver failure. She was only 38. She literally drank herself to death and it only took 8 years. She was sober for 5 months when she died. Just one month short of being eligible to be put on the liver transplant list. I am so thankful to spend those 5 sober months by her side and so grateful that I got to be by her side as she took her last breath. I miss her so much!!! I totally understand where you are coming from and feel your pain. If you need to talk, I'm here.
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