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Hi Sestra!

I have a family member who has roared through our lives. Our family has been torn apart. I feel alone too. Despite the fact that my brother almost died as a result of cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol, he chose to start drinking again one year after his life saving transplant. I do not talk with him, the last I knew he was still drinking. He doesn't work and he sits in his apartment all day and drinks. it is very, very sad. I know the pain that I have caused as a result of my addictions,and I have done my very best to make amends or to make living amends for my destruction. I try to do the best I can today and be a loving and caring child of God. I used to be so sad and angry for the loss of relationships in my family. Sometimes I still am. However, I cannot participate in unhealthy relationships or with people I love refusing to get sober or admit defeat with an addiction. I just can't "make" anyone change. I am only able to continue to love them and pray for them. You are in the right place, feel free to share anytime! Jenm
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