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Good luck

The drug war prison/law enforcement/political machine will not easily be derailed-Intellegence and common sense have little to do with a money making scheme.

I am not that smart but seems to me there are horrible despots the world over yet we only fight wars where there is a value $$ Iraq, oil, Libya, oil etc then Afganistan I asked why? is it really Al Quada? Nah, Opium is a billion dollar crop-Whoops there it is!

American politics suck

Don't underestimate yourself. You certainly sounded smart enough to give
a reasonable answer. I have a bit of agreement with you. I do not have any special contact with any Intelligent Agency, but certainly Afghanistan
bumper crop is being sold and bought and big money is being made. Apparently the Afghanis President's brother has his finger on that pie and
I am sure he is not the only one making money on the Opium trade.

I remember when the Bush Administration placed ads in the Super Bowl
making claims that if you buy drugs you were supporting terrorism. Or some nonsense like that. The good one was when they told us that some
80 or 90% of all the Opium grown in Afghanistan was grown by the Taliban
and Al Qudar. What they failed to tell us was, who was growing the other
10 or 20%... our bodies the Northern Alliance. That was how they supported their purchase of arms and supplies, etc. Big money in drugs,
but there is big money in drugs the whether it is legal or illegal.

When prohibition was repeal back in 1930s. They were sure that once
it would be legalized there was going to be an tremendous increase of
drunks and alcoholism problem. For whatever reason, if I remember correctly the consumption of alcohol actually went down substantially.
Seems like deprivation or fear of not having would create a lot more
purchase and consumption than when one know and feels safe that
alcohol was going to be available just by walking to your local liquor store and not wait to you sneak into the speak easy.
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