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ricanhavoc- honestly, it does take a while to make friends in the rooms. The reason that has been explained to me is this: the people in there have seen so many people come in and out, that they tend to not really try to get to know you and help you until they see that you're going to stick around.
I'm not saying that this is right, but they're human, just like you and me, and they tend to not want to invest a whole bunch of time and energy on someone that they're not sure really wants to surrender, and try that way of life.
I would suggest going to as many different meetings as possible, NA/AA/CR/SMART, ANYTHING you can find, try it all, and give all of it more than once chance.
I'm glad that you understand the 12 steps, but reading them over and comprehending them is not really "working" them. "Working" them is getting out a huge notebook, and writing and writing and writing, and sharing your answers with a sponsor.
In the beginning of the stepworking guide, it says "The only wrong way to work these steps is ALONE". Which means- get a sponsor, and formally work the steps. The green & gold stepworking guide is a great way to do it. But you do need a sponsor to really get something from the program. If/when you do get a sponsor, you'll really be introduced to alot more people, invited to functions outside the rooms, and to just hang out with other people in recovery. You can't truly work the program of Narcotics Anonymous by just going to meetings. It's not enough.
I hope you give it a chance, it has truly changed my life.
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