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What exactly do you "already do?" Have/do you actively do step work, have a sponsor, go to NA meetings, ect? How is your recovery going, are you having some issues, cravings, triggers?

Sorry for all the questions, but wasn't really clear on exactly what you're asking?!

Is the NA/AA route the course of recovery you are wanting to take? Many people have done it without, I have tried it both ways, and have parents who are in the program and been in remission for a long time, but for me it wasn't what I chose to continue on with. If you are working the steps and ok with the way your recovery is currently going, then I don't see why things need to be changed. Sorry I wasn't abl;e to give you a better answer, but if you want to share a little more info about what your not understanding and what ur currently doing treatment wise...I'd be more then happy to give you my opinion!
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