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My understanding has been that all the crap covered in a 4th & 5th step is behind us and need not be revisited. Things that happen from that point on, and forgotten issues can always be covered in another round. I agree completely with gotitang.....I had to learn the difference between "doing the steps" and "living the steps". The members who really seem to "get it" never talk about completing the steps, its more like they learn to incorporate them into their lives.

The issue of "clean time" resurfaces all the time. In my view, clean time is a personal issue, and the only opinions that matter are my own and my HP. There will always be opinionated people eager to tell you what counts and what doesn't....who cares? I've always found that those who spend their days evaluating the quality of the lives of others, tend to do so because their own houses aren't quite in order!
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