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Thank you VERY much for your replies. He came home around midnight. He had been at a bar. While he was away, I found my son's "spy car" in my room. It is a toy with a remote and you can see whatever the car sees. He has been spying on me - creepy.

We just had a decent conversation. We are going to tell our son this weekend (I hope) and I hope to move out next week Thursday or Friday.

In a way the spy car is a good thing - it makes me so angry that it makes things a tad easier.

He also went through my car last night, so he found the keys to my apartment (but luckily he did not take anything).

Hopefully he won't get too drunk today/tonight. I always have my cell with me in the event I need to call 911.

He came into my room at 4:00 am this morning sobbing/crying so hard. He needs to see a doctor and get some medication. He can't sleep.... can't focus. He is depressed. NOt my issue - but I still am concerned for him.
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