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Hi 1418,

I am so sorry I did not see this sooner, I hope you are ok.
IMO - you have done all you can do, the fact that he is just now expressing remorse is typical, he knows you mean bussiness, and that the jig is up for him. I am sure he does love you, but he chose to refuse help. I cannot speak for him, but as someone who has been there, where he is, I imagine he is equally upset that his comfortable world of drinking and having you handle everything is about to change. I am betting that scares the heck out of him, so he acts out or pleads for your sympathy.
If you have supported him and his bussiness for 3 years then I would hope a judge takes that into consideration. I know you must be terrified about custody issues and I am sending prayers your way that you will have custody. I pray he does not fight you on this. I just cannot understand why you leaving such a deplorable situation for both you and your son bears such weight on custody, I just hope the court does right by you and your son!

Please keep us posted, I am anxious to know how you are.
1418, I think you are so strong, you tried to make it work with him, but alcohol is such a formidable oponent. Stay strong, be proud that you are on your way to making a new life for you and your son.
I wish you all the best, take care, and God Bless, Carly
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