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Default Told him it was over - but he was too drunk to remember!

Friday night - we got into things. Our son wasn't home (at a sleepover). I was supposed to be at a babyshower at a resturant, but I decided to go see my parents instead (needed supoprt). He thinks I'm at the shower and shows up "to surprise me" - aka to check up on me. He calls while I am driving home from my parents to tell me he is in the bar, I tell him I'm not there and I'd meet him at home. I knew it would be UGLY.

We end up having a very huge discussion. I think things happen for a reason - my going over to my parents house wasn't very relaxing, but my father really pushed me to find out why I didn't want to tell my husband that I'm leaving/ it is over.

The "discussion" was ugly - but he ends up saying "if it is over, then lets get on with things." I told him I agree.

The next day - he acts like nothing happened. In fact, the remainder of the weekend he acts like nothing happened. I really don't know how much of our Friday night discussion he remembers.

At least having said the many things I needed to say to him on Friday was good from my perspective. Having told him once, it will be easier the next time.

I need our taxes back so that I can find out how much money we have so I can make a separation proposal to him. I should have that information this week. I'm also making an appointment with a psychologist that works with kids and families. I need to know how in the world I'm going to break this news to our son when the time comes.

My father really thinks my husband is going to say horrible things to our son about me. I don't know, I can't predict my husband's behavior when he drinks.
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