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Default Is there any help out there???

I am at my wits end with my husbands drinking. I've been married to him for over 25yrs. He has always liked drinking and partying but really didn't lose complete control until about 15yrs ago. Now, it has gotten to the point of him drinking all the time, he cannot go to the store w/out taking some alcohol with him, his only break from drinking is while at work. We fight over the drinking constantly, really not much of a fight but rather me freaking out over it all. I am stressed out to the max, I am physically disabled in my back and have diabetes which gets worse the more stressed out I am. I feel that I have wasted away with this man, I love him and hate him at the same time. I gave him the best years or that is how I feel. I worked my butt off for many years only to see him waste it on alcohol and partying. I hate to sound like I am having a pity party but I just have gotten to the point of not knowing where to turn or what to do, I feel helpless. He is not willing to get help, we have been down that road. I want out but do not know how to get out for I have no resources of my own. I have given him ultimatums but he only laughs about them and who could blame him, he knows I have no where to go for I am dependent on him financially, wasn't always the case, I used to work before my physical problems. We have lost everything due to his drinking including our home. My children are since grown and all except for our youngest, all are out on their own with their own families. I sometimes have felt that living anywhere, even in the car would be better than this, not sure that is accurate thinking on my part but I just want and need peace in my life and the car isn't even in my anyone know of any resources to help someone like me get a fresh start[?]
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